About Us

About Us

A PEDRAS byannopei is a company dedicated, since 2005, to the Production, Sale and Application of Natural Stone articles for Construction and Decoration.

With Factory, Offices and Showroom in Dume, Braga, this is one of the leading companies in the Stone sector in Portugal.

With a markedly exporting character, since its foundation, we can find his works spread across more than 20 countries on 4 Continents.


Our Factory

PEDRAS byannopei  has its Headquarters, Productive Atelier and Showroom in Dume, Braga, ready to receive your next project.

Our factory resembles a Productive Atelier, capable of the smallest detail of project customization, working with machines with state-of-the-art CNC technology, with experienced Craftsmen and Designers and Designers specialized in Stone, all so that we can execute the projects. more complex and elaborate, always with the best results.


Custom Projects

A PEDRAS byannopei is a Natural Stone Project company. With our Design Office and our Productive Atelier, we are able to interpret or create your project, with a high degree of customization. No detail is too small for our teams and, for that very reason, we are at the forefront when it comes to the production of items in Natural Stone.


Measurement, Production and Installation

All the Projects in which we are involved are Projects of unique complexity and rigor, which require knowledge and extreme preparation and attention.

Only through Meters, Designers, Project Preparers, Productive Craftsmen and experienced Applicators, we will be able to respond to all the Projects that come to us, no matter the complexity or difficulty, from the creation or interpretation of the Project, to its Production and Application.

PEDRAS by Annopei has its own application teams specialized in Natural Stone, which allow it to guarantee the best finish for each Project.


National and International Deliveries

With our small carpentry shop, we produce our own packaging tailored to each project, taking into account that each Stone, each Measure, each Country, each Client… has its own need and specificity.

We spare no effort or cost to ensure that each Project is delivered unscathed.

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